Modern Folk

006 Nathan Bettger: Exploring Spirituality, Scratching the Surface

June 3, 2018

Around our house:

  • Farmers Market in full swing.
  • Gardening, yard improvement.
  • Missing loved ones, searching for self.
  • "Doing the work". Engaging fully in activities.
  • Appreciating the connectedness of everyone
  • Finding ourselves through spirituality.
  • Stephen Jenkinson on death and dying.
  • Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson 


Guest Nathan Bettger discusses his work as a hospital chaplain and a spiritual guide. 

  • The work of a hospital chaplain.
  • What is a spiritual guide?
  • Are Generation X, Y, etc spiritually lost?
  • The importance of Elders.
  • Rites of Passage.
  • Deepening our connection with spirituality.

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Support for Modern Folk comes from my wife Emily Wiggins. Emily is a Naturopathic Doctor in Bend OR.


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