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010 Kaycee & Cathasach: Making Music and Deep Ancestral Remembering with The Gold Rust

October 6, 2018

Around our house:

  • Autumn Equinox Dinner at Boundless Farmstead
  • Learning to hunt for meat
  • Slowing down, grounding at home and in community
  • Building personal spiritual practice
  • Connecting with ancestors
  • Ancient wisdom, Deep remembering
  • Hedge School Podcast, guest Sherri Mitchell
  • Sacred Instructions, Sherri Mitchell


My guests on the show this month are Kaycee and Cathasach of the band The Gold Rust. KC boy and KC girl, as they are sometimes addressed to avoid confusion, are artists, musicians, storytellers and generally engaged community members. They are a bit of a dynamic duo. I think you will really enjoy hearing about their creative process as well as some deeper talk on history, ancestry and much more.
The Gold Rust
The Gold Rust Facebook

Occupied Cascadia Documentary

The Golden Harp 

Ancestral Medicine with Daniel Foor, PHD



Photo of The Gold Rust by Sarah B. Gilliam
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Emily is a Naturopathic Doctor in Bend OR.


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