Modern Folk

012 Allison Murphy: Turning Words into Action

December 1, 2018

Around our house:

  • Downgraded phone update 

    • talk and text only plan, no data, no social media
    • definitely miss the convenience at times
    • appreciate being more present most of the day
  • Homemade couch update

    • cushions are custom cut and ready for covers
    • custom waxed canvas covers by Howl Attire
  • Wrapping up 2018 and Year 1 of Modern Folk
  • Grateful for guests, listeners and support from family and friends
  • Stephen Jenkinson
  • Sherri Mitchell


My guest this month is Allison Murphy. It is hard to pin Allison down and tag her with a label that feels appropriate, as she has so many interests and pursuits. Allison is an artist, designer, seamstress and the owner of Utilitu, a small business in Bend Oregon, where she creates custom clothing and also teaches sewing to both children and adults. In a collaborative effort with family and friends, Allison is teaching herself to farm and currently tends a small passel of heritage hogs. She is committed to a personal journey of understanding and reconnecting with her ancestors through the study of the Gaelic language. Allison not only believes, but also truly lives like everyone and everything is her teacher. As a gift to her community, Allison demonstrates how the only thing between you and your dreams is turning your words into action. She lives in a yurt with her partner and two children.  


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Support for Modern Folk comes from my wife Emily Wiggins.
Emily is a Naturopathic Doctor in Bend OR.


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